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Have a question about forklift propane? Check out our list of frequently asked questions:

A propane cylinder for a forklift lasts between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the usage of the machine.

Yes. Propane cylinders can last for up to 27 years of use—three times longer than the average forklift battery.

Yes. A brand-new propane cylinder will last for 10 years before it needs to be recertified. To find out when a cylinder will expire, look on the tank collar for the manufacturer’s date and add 10 years. If the cylinder has already been recertified, there will be a code stamped into the collar; that date is the expiry date.

Most often, propane-powered forklifts need 33-pound tanks, but sometimes they call for 43-pound tanks.

You can only fill a propane cylinder to 80% because the propane expands and contracts at different temperatures. It’s a safety measure. The extra space acts as a buffer for pressure build-up on hot days. A 33lb forklift tank holds 29.7 litres.

The collar of your propane tank has a notch that lines up with a peg sticking out from the forklift. When the tank is lying sideways, and the notch and peg are aligned, the gauge should be reading properly. Some gauges show ‘full’ to ‘empty’ and others count down by numbers.

Propane cylinders must be stored in an upright position, in a locked cage, outside. They cannot be stored near any sources of ignition. The only propane cylinders that can be indoors are the ones in use.

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