We are a FULL-SERVICE gas station that proudly serves our community with competitively priced gas and friendly service.  

Full-Service gas stations are becoming quite the anomaly these days however we are here to stay and are here to serve you with a smile. Customers appreciate the personal touch of having a human ask whether they can check your oil, wash your windshield and how you would like to pay all while staying nice and comfortable in your car. We are always here to help and pride ourselves on being able to help the disabled, elderly and those with new cars find their gas tank. It is our pleasure to service the Cambridge area with one of the only full-service gas stations.   

We offer three grades of gasoline being regular, mid-grade, and premium gas. Grades are denoted by the research octane number (RON) and AKI of a specific formula. 87 AKI is generally the lowest octane rating and less expensive option. Next is mid-grade with 88-90 AKI. Lastly, premium or high-grade gasoline has an octane rating of 90-94 AKI. The different grades of fuel don’t burn the same way. The less octane, or the lower the grade, the faster and stronger it burns when pressurized. SUVs and sports cars run better on plus or premium (higher octane) since their motors produce more fuel compression for better drivability. But most vehicles function just fine on the lowest gasoline option. Not sure what type of gasoline your car should use? No problem our knowledgeable staff is here to help. 

Alongside vehicles, gas is also the most common fuel used in motorcycles, scooters, motorhomes, boats, lawnmowers, and other machinery which we are always happy to serve as well.   

While we love seeing you, we also love to help you save and are always offering advice on the best way to save on your vehicle. With that in mind here are some vehicle fuel economy tips:   

  1. Track Your Mileage in Real-Time 
  2. Only Brake When You Have to 
  3. Always Stay Alert on the Road 
  4. Drive Like You’re on a Bike 
  5. Pump Up Your Tires 
  6. Use the Right Ride for the Job 
  7. Multi-Task with Your Daily Routine 
  8. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time 
  9. Avoid Rush Hour at All Costs 

Petro King Gas works hard to bring you the best value on each and every visit.   

Diesel fuel for trucks, farming equipment and commercial vehicles is also available at our full-serve gas station.  Diesel fuels, just as gasoline fuels, are a distillate fraction of crude oil and were originally straight-run products. The production of diesel fuel is analogous to that of gasoline: first distillation, second various conversion steps, and third clean-up. Diesel fuel contains more nonvolatile components than gasoline and has a higher boiling range (lying between 160 °C and 371 °C). Therefore, diesel fuel must be sprayed and cannot be evaporated in air without risking pre-ignition. Like gasoline, diesel fuel is mixed with several additives to adjust performance characteristics. 

Whether your needs be for gas or diesel we are here to safely serve you while you stay comfortable in your vehicle.  We are open seven days a week, rain or shine and our hours of operation are: 

Monday – Wednesday :: 6:00am – 9:00pm

Thursday – Friday :: 6:00am -9:30pm

Saturday :: 7:30am –8:30pm

Sunday :: 7:30am – 8:00pm

We look forward to serving you at our FULL-SERVICE gas station in Cambridge which also hosts propane, U-Haul rentals and convenience store services.