Propane Tank Refill

Petro King Full-Service Gas Station offers propane refills at competitive rates and reliable customer service any time of the day. We refill a wide range of propane tank sizes, and we will work with you to ensure your tanks are safe and up to code. 

We offer to refill your tanks vs exchanging them as refilling is definitely the better option and here is why: 

Avoid Losing Any Fuel Upon Exchange

You may not want to wait until your propane tank is empty before you get a refill. For example, you might still have some fuel in your tank, but you may want to make sure that you have enough fuel for an upcoming backyard barbecue that you’re going to be hosting. When you exchange a propane tank that has some fuel left in it, then you lose this fuel. If you take your tank and get it refilled, though, you can avoid wasting the propane that you already have.

Get More Fuel in Your Tank

Many exchange companies only put a certain amount of fuel in the tanks that are brought in for the exchange, even if they hold more fuel. If you need a larger amount of fuel and don’t want to worry about having a tank that isn’t filled up, take your propane tank and have it refilled. You can even purchase a propane tank in a larger size so that you’ll get even more fuel upon refilling.

Keep Your Good-Quality Tank

When you exchange your propane tank, you never know whether or not the one that you’re getting is actually in good shape. Of course, you can check it over to see if there are any obvious signs of damage, but you might not be able to tell until you get home and can perform a check with soapy water.

If you know that the propane tank that you have right now is in good shape, then you might not want to exchange it for another tank that might not be. After all, you don’t want to worry about wasted products or being put in danger when handling and using the propane tank.

With refilling, you don’t have to worry about potentially swapping out your good propane tank for one that might be damaged. Instead, you’ll get to keep the tank that you already have. Just know that you should still check your tank occasionally for rust, leaks, and other damage, since these things can pop up without you realizing it, and you don’t want to be put at risk.

At Petro King Full-Serve gas station we offer propane refills on the following tank sizes with the following rates: 

Price valid until Jan 31-2024

Tank Price
5lb $8.88
10lb $12.38
20lb $19.90
30lb $29.54
40lb $39.99
100lb $79.99

Taxes are extra. Price may change without notice. Price in store is most accurate.

Propane is an affordable, easy to use, and efficient fuel that excels in backyard barbecues, trailers, propane stoves, heating appliances, drying clothes and many other uses.  Come and visit Petro King Full-Serve Gas Station for all of your propane refill needs.