Tips for First-Time Grillers – Beginners BBQ Tips

Tips for First-Time Grillers – Beginners BBQ Tips

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Start with an easy recipe.  Research how much time your meat should cook for and at what heat.  Grilling vegetables is a great place to start as well. Cook up some sweet potato or zucchini directly on the grill or grab a BBQ safe grilling basket.

Have a spray bottle on hand for flare-ups. Depending on what you’re cooking, you may see some flames once in a while because of the grease – don’t panic, just spritz a couple of times to keep the flames under control.

Get the right utensils.  Instead of using flimsy tongs, get a set of barbeque-specific grilling utensils to avoid any accidents like dropping your food or like melting the plastic.

Cleaning the Grill: After you finished cooking, let the grill cool down a bit and scrape off any access food residue while it’s still a little warm.  It’ll be all ready to go next time!

If you’ve received a propane tank recently or had one laying around, check the expiry date to make sure it is still working. 

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